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[1]吕 君,陈思玉,刘亚楠,等.115 例布鲁菌病临床特点分析[J].传染病信息,2019,03:230-232245.
 Lü Jun,CHEN Si-yu,LIU Ya-nan,et al.Analysis of clinical characteristics of 115 cases of brucellosis[J].Infectious Disease Information,2019,03:230-232245.

115 例布鲁菌病临床特点分析(PDF)


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Analysis of clinical characteristics of 115 cases of brucellosis
吕 君陈思玉刘亚楠曾庆磊朱鹏飞余祖江
Lü Jun CHEN Si-yu LIU Ya-nan ZENG Qing-lei ZHU Peng-fei YU Zu-jiang*
Department of Infectious Disease, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, 450052, China
brucellosis hemoglobin red blood cell distribution width eosinophil count C-reactive protein
  目的 探索布鲁菌病(布病)患者临床特征及治疗转归情况,为临床诊治提供参考。方法 收集并分析 115例成人布病患者的人口学和流行病学资料、临床表现、血液学指标及治疗与转归情况。结果 布病患者常常伴有发热、乏力、多汗、关节疼痛、肝脾肿大等临床症状,其 HGB、红细胞压积( hematocrit, HCT)、嗜酸性粒细胞( eosinophil, EO)、红细胞分布宽度(red blood cell distribution width, RDW)和 CRP异常率较高。而 WBC、PLT、中性粒细胞计数、淋巴细胞计数、单核细胞计数、平均细胞体积、血小板分布宽度、 ESR和降钙素原的异常率较低。治疗上大部分患者 [53.04%(61/115)]接受利福平联合多西环素治疗,部分患者尤其是合并骨质侵犯患者常使用三联抗菌素治疗。其中 47例并发骨关节痛患者,经规范足疗程治疗后皆好转或痊愈。结论 布病患者常伴有发热、乏力、多汗、关节疼痛、肝脾肿大等临床症状,其 HGB、HCT、EO、RDW和 CRP异常率较高,可作为布病的辅助诊断指标。布病临床表现多样,明确诊断后应尽早给予规范的抗菌治疗,抑制疾病进展,减少并发症发生。  
Objective To investigate clinical characteristics and treatment outcome of brucellosis patients and provide a basis forclinical diagnosis and treatment. Methods Demographic and epidemiologic information, clinical manifestation, hematological indicatorsand treatment and outcomes of 115 diagnosed adult patients with brucellosis were collected and analyzed. Results Clinical manifestations of brucellosis patients included fever, fatigue, sweating, joint pain and hepatosplenomegaly. The abnormal rates of HGB, hematocrit (HCT), eosinophil (EO), red blood cell distribution width (RDW) and CRP were higher in patients with brucellosis. While abnormal rates of WBC, PLT, neutrophil count, lymphocyte count, monocyte count, mean cell volume, platelet distribution width, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and procalcitonin abnormalities were lower in those patients. In terms of treatment, most patients [53.04% (61/115)] received rifampicin plusdoxycycline, and some patients, especially those with osteoporosis, were often given triple antibiotics. After full-course standard treatment, 47 patients complicated with osteoporosis were improved or healed. Conclusions Brucellosis patients often have fever, fatigue, sweating, joint pain, hepatosplenomegaly and other clinical symptoms, as well as the higher rate of HGB, HCT, EO, RDW and CRP abnormalities,which can be used as an auxiliary diagnostic index for brucellosis. Brucellosis is characterized of diverse clinical manifestations, sostandardized antibacterial therapy is given as soon as possible after clear diagnosis to prevent the progression of the disease and reduce the occurrence of complications.       


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