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[1]张 哲,侯利华.埃博拉疫苗临床试验研究进展[J].传染病信息,2018,05:430-435.
 ZHANG Zhe,HOU Li-hua*.Advances in clinical trials of Ebola vaccine[J].Infectious Disease Information,2018,05:430-435.





Advances in clinical trials of Ebola vaccine
张 哲侯利华
100071 北京,军事科学院军事医学研究院生物 工程研究所(张哲、侯利华)
ZHANG Zhe HOU Li-hua*
Institute of Biotechnology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing 100071, China
 Ebola vaccine viral vector vaccine clinical trial rVSV-ZEBOV
 埃博拉病毒病是一种由埃博拉病毒引发的高致命率的出血热疾病。近些年大规模暴发的埃博拉疫情引起了全 世界的重点关注。目前,已有多种类型的埃博拉疫苗进入临床试验阶段。病毒载体疫苗因其免疫应答快、水平高的特点使人 印象深刻。其中,重组水疱性口炎病毒载体埃博拉疫苗(rVSV-ZEBOV)率先在几内亚III 期临床试验中证明了其出色的保 护效果。本文将阐述现阶段已经开展临床试验的埃博拉疫苗,并围绕安全性、免疫原性等方面对rVSV-ZEBOV 进行重点介绍。 
 Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a high fatality hemorrhagic fever disease caused by Ebola virus. Worldwide attention has been attracted due to the large-scale Ebola outbreak in recent years. Currently, many types of Ebola vaccines have been evaluated in the clinical trials. Viral vector vaccines are impressive owing to its fast and high-level immune response. Among them, recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus-based vaccine expressing Zaire Ebola virus glycoprotein (rVSV-ZEBOV) has showed a significant protection against EVD in a phase Ⅲ clinical trial in Guinea. This paper aims to review Ebola vaccines in the undergoing clinical trials and focus on rVSV-ZEBOV in terms of safety and immunogenicity.       


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