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[1]张 昕,张洁利,李小溪,等.疟疾药物预防的现状与进展[J].传染病信息,2019,05:445-450.
 ZHANG Xin,ZHANG Jie-li,LI Xiao-xi,et al.Status and progress of chemoprophylaxis for malaria[J].Infectious Disease Information,2019,05:445-450.





Status and progress of chemoprophylaxis for malaria
张 昕张洁利李小溪陈典洁黄 磊
100039北京,中国人民解放军总医院第五医学中心 感染性疾病诊疗与研究中心(张昕、张洁利、陈典洁、黄磊), 临床检验医学中心(李小溪) 前两位作者对本文有同等贡献,均为第一作者
ZHANG Xin ZHANG Jie-li LI Xiao-xi CHEN Dian-jie HUANG Lei*
Center for Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Treatment, the Fifth Medical Center of Chinese PLA General Hospital, Beijing 100039, China ZHANG Xin and ZHANG Jie-li are the first authors who contributed equally to the article
malaria chemoprophylaxis antimalarial
Despite obviously declining incidence, malaria continues to be the most significant public health burdenglobally. At present, prophylactic agents are used to decrease the morbidity and mortality, and control the transmission. However, adverse effects caused by a prolonged treatment course and drug resistance make it imperative to look for alternative drugs orcombining scheme with a better tolerability, safety and efficacy. This review summarizes current situation and new approach of chemoprophylaxis for malaria.


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[作者单位]100039北京,中国人民解放军总医院第五医学中心 感染性疾病诊疗与研究中心(张昕、张洁利、陈典洁、黄磊), 临床检验医学中心(李小溪) 前两位作者对本文有同等贡献,均为第一作者
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